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What Causes Algae to Grow in Swimming Pools?

Tips from a Pool Cleaning Service Provider on How to Prevent Algae

Algae spores are constantly landing in a swimming pool on a daily basis, either by rain, wind or even contaminated swimsuits and pool cleaning tools. When the conditions are right, the algae can start to grow in a few short hours. These conditions can range from warm temperatures, incorrect water balance, sunlight and nitrates, phosphates and/or carbon dioxide being present. A general lack of circulation, filtration, and sanitation also contributes to pool algae growing. Which is where our pool cleaning service comes into the picture.

What problems do algae cause?

The first visible problem is no one wants to go swimming. The second is it requires effort and money to completely remove algae from the water. The third is once you have experienced a large algae bloom, it is easier for algae to come back again. Which is why you need to use special chemicals and techniques that will control algae and prevent a bloom from happening.

Algae will cloud and color the water, which makes rescue attempts difficult and reduces depth perception of divers. Algae will not be harmful to swimmers, however, pools that have algae in them can also harbor the likes of the E-coli bacteria. Algae often hide in filters or in pool plaster and tile, it is sometimes found behind the pool light and under ladder treads. Some strains will burrow deep into plaster and slowly degrade and stain the pool surface. Some algae have been found under vinyl pool liners, on the floors and walls beneath the liner.

Algae will consume chlorine which should be working on other contaminants. As it starts to expel carbon dioxide, the pH level will start to increase. Algae are very similar to weeds in a garden. Unsightly and unwanted space takers which just create more work for the gardener, remove all the nutrients and resources which is needed for flora to grow. If you are having issues with your pool, then you need our professional pool cleaning service, please call Premium Pool Care Inc in Port Saint Lucie, FL now at (772) 359-5548.