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SOS! the Pool Is Green!

SOS! the Pool Is Green!

A Residential Pool Cleaner Explains How to Treat a Green Swimming Pool

Dealing with green and cloudy swimming pool water is a tedious and time-consuming process, not to mention the knowledge it requires. Very often, people complain about their pool turning green overnight. This blog post will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to treat such an issue. A residential pool cleaner explains:

Your first step will be to determine how green the water really is. If you see a light green color and you can see at least six inches below the surface, your pool can be treated and cleared chemically. However, if it is very green, a specialist will recommend fully draining the water, performing acid washing, and then refilling it with fresh water. This process can seem scary to many homeowners due to the high cost of replacing the water.

The next step is to check the water. If you see cloudy water in your swimming pool, it means there is no or very little chlorine in there. So, testing the pH level is crucial. If the pH is very high, shocking it will only make the water greener. If it is low, you can shock the water in your pool. You can begin that process by adding chlorine granules. I recommend you buy a 25-pound container of granular chlorine which is more cost-effective than the individual 5-pound ones. Take 5 pounds of the chemical and simply pour it into the water covering the entire surface. Just make sure the pump is switched on. Additionally, you can use a good algaecide too.

Brushing afterward is another important step. Brush all the walls and the floor of your swimming pool. 24 hours after the chemical treatment, you will witness an awesome transformation. From a green swamp, the water will turn into a crystal clean oasis for swimming and have fun.

You can hire me to get the job done for you and ensure your peace of mind and safety. I am sure my services can be really advantageous to you, and I can help you make your pool a place for entertainment and sport. You can speak with a professional residential pool cleaner at (772) 359-5548. I am in Port Saint Lucie, FL.