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Signs That Your Pool’s Pump Has Stopped Working

Signs That Your Pool’s Pump Has Stopped Working

Helpful Information Provided by a Residential Pool Cleaning Contractor

Owning a swimming pool is a luxury not everyone can afford. However, if you are one of those lucky people who have a little oasis in their backyard, you have to be prepared to deal with some issues. If, one day, you go into your pool and hear strange noises or the water has become really cloudy and uninviting, the pool pump may have to be repaired. Below, you will find other common signs that you need to book a residential pool equipment repair service.

Loss of Suction

Pool pumps draw in water and then run it through a filter before pumping it back into the pool. If the pressure indicator shows that your pool is not working up to its full capacity, either the pump is clogged or the suction monitor is wearing out. In such cases, scheduling a residential pool cleaning service is recommended.

Water Is Leaking around the Pump

The connections around the pump have seals which help maintain the water pressure. With time these seals will wear out and water will leak around the connections. There are a few reasons why this may happen, most of the time the cause is the worn out seal. Whatever the case may be, you have to get your pump repaired by a pool equipment service provider as soon as possible or the problem may become worse.

Sucking Air

The pump of the pool is not supposed to suck in air but only water. In case it’s sucking air in, it means that something is leaking and the water isn’t cleaned as it has to be. Since air is lighter than water, when there is a leak in the air-tight seal, less water than air is going through the pump.

Green or Murky Water

We all know how clean pool water looks. Murky and green water is often an indication that something is wrong with the pump and the filtration system. Whenever your water turns green, do not hesitate to book a professional residential pool cleaning service.

If you think that it’s time to get your portable spa pump repaired or you need a professional residential pool cleaner & repairer, do not hesitate to give Premium Pool Care Inc a call. I am based in Port Saint Lucie, FL and can be reached at (772) 359-5548.