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The Pool Cleaning Service You Need to Book When Your Pool Water Have Turned Green

Did you finally remove the pool cover only to find a swampy pool water instead of the clear blue pool water that you expected? Sometimes pool water will turn green due to algae bloom. This happens when your pool water has a low chlorine level or its chemical levels are imbalanced. A green pool can hardly entice you to take a quick swim. So whenever your pool turns green, contact a green pool cleaning service provider right away.

In Port Saint Lucie, FL, Premium Pool Care Inc is the pool cleaning company that specializes in green pool cleaning. For 12 years, my company has aided several property owners in treating their algae-filled pools. When you hire me, you can expect the following:

Work Safety

No harm will be done to your pool, structure, and filtration system during the cleaning process. I use chemicals and implements that won’t damage your pool.

Highly Skilled Pool Professional

I have been cleaning pools for years now. So you can expect me to follow the proper steps necessary to clean yours properly. First, I will use a test kit to examine the pH level and other chemical levels of the water. After that, I will apply the right amount and the right kind of chemical that can easily kill the algae and bacteria thriving in your pool water.

Maintenance Checkups

Since it is not enough to clean your pool once, I will make sure that the chemical treatment has successfully suppressed the algae growth in your pool. After a couple of weeks, if the algae returns, I will advise you to have me repeat the process or make your pool undergo another chemical treatment procedure.

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So whenever your pool water is turning green, don’t hesitate to have it cleaned by Premium Pool Care Inc right away. Book my service today by giving me a call at (772) 359-5548 or pay me a visit at Port Saint Lucie, FL. Aside from green pool cleaning service, I also offer other services such as pool tile cleaning, water filter cleaning, chemical analysis and water balance analysis service, and other pool-related services. Give me a call to know more about the services that I offer.