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Must-Dos of a New Pool Owner

Must-Dos of a New Pool Owner

Pool Care and Maintenance Checklist

Finally, you have your dream swimming pool in your backyard. Now you get to spend some weekend quality time with your family and friends. You cannot wait to host the biggest pool party on your block. Nevertheless, pool care is important in prolonging your favorite party area.

Pool maintenance can be an exhaustive task. There are things that must be replaced from time to time, just like pool filters. As a new pool owner, this is a very challenging job, and you need the assistance of a reliable pool cleaning service. Here is a checklist for new pool owners like you, who might be clueless about proper cleaning and maintenance.

Regularly check your pump

Your pool pump plays an important role in pool care. Once it stops functioning, the water in your pool will not circulate well towards the filters, leaving your pool dirty. Also, you must consult your pool professional on how long you must keep your pump running. Here, certain factors like pool size and swimmer load are considered.

Replace filters regularly

How often you replace the filters depends on the type you use. Some of the most common types are cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters. Normally, filters need replacement once the pressure gauge indicates an increase of 7–10 lbs.

Sanitize your pool

There are options for sanitizing your pool. You can use chlorine or bromine. Chlorine products come in the form of granules, tablets, and sticks. Meanwhile, when using bromine, an automatic brominator must be installed first. Your pool professional will be able to identify which option best suits your needs.

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