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Keeping Your Swimming Pool Looking Cool at All Times!

Keeping Your Swimming Pool Looking Cool at All Times!

A Skilled Pool Cleaning Service Provider Suggests

Having a fantastic swimming pool with clean and healthy water should be a number one goal for you as a responsible homeowner. After all, the health of your loved ones is at stake! If you need help with maintaining your lovely home addition, listen to the advice provided by our proficient pool cleaning service provider.

An important part of your job is to keep the perimeter of your swimming pool clean. Lots of contaminants and debris can get into it from that area. We are talking about sweeping and cleaning the concrete area around it and removing kids’ toys and items that could add more bacteria to the water. Installing a small decorative fence around it is a good idea which many homeowners take advantage of. Remember, your fence is your first line of defense, not to mention its aesthetic value.

Keeping all swimmers safe and healthy also means you should keep your leaf skimmer nearby. Skimming all the floating debris on a daily basis is a must, especially if you have trees around your pool. Removing all the visible debris and dirt will ensure a pool with clean water without algae and green water. Make sure you use the appropriate telescopic pole as well. Do not forget to clean your leaf skimmer either.

Another thing you should do is to brush your swimming pool periodically too. Having a special pool brush enables you to eliminate all the accumulated filth particles and debris on the walls and the bottom. For your safety, you can do that using a pool ladder.

Checking the pH and chlorine content in your home addition will help you determine how healthy and balanced the water in your pool is. By doing that on a weekly basis, you can have a clear idea if you need to add chlorine tablets or not.


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