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Dependable Salt Pool Cleaning Services at Your Disposal!

Do you want to spend your summer enjoying the cooling recreation of a swimming pool, but wish you could avoid all the chlorine needed to keep the water clean? Premium Pool Care Inc has the perfect solution for everyone in Port Saint Lucie, FL in need of reliable pool cleaning services, and that solution is salt. I am a professional with a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to pool maintenance, and I know exactly what your water needs. My rates are affordable and my services readily available to anyone who needs them.

There are many reasons I recommend salt pool cleaning wholeheartedly. Firstly and most importantly, I care about your health. Many people have allergic or allergy-like reactions to chlorine. Salt is far gentler to your skin and eyes by far and is much less likely to cause itching or redness on your skin. Secondly, the water will become softer and gain a silkier texture. This improves the swimming experience and even assists as salt water helps you float better. By utilizing this pool cleaning method I also spare you from the strong chlorine smell that many do not enjoy. The salt treatment will keep the water chemistry and PH balance in check, which is very important for your skin and the overall cleanliness of the water. You know that, unlike chlorine, salt creates no harmful byproducts whatsoever, so you can rest at ease that no toxic substances will be piling up in your pool.

I have invested in the proper equipment necessary to activate the desired cleaning properties of salt in your pool. All of my gear is top-of-the-line and goes through regular maintenance and cleaning procedures. My methods are successfully time-tested and the outcome is always a clean and safe environment for you to swim in and enjoy. The salts and cleaning substances I use are top-quality and pure, guaranteed to cause no negative or unforeseen side-effects. My long list of satisfied clients vouches for the quality of my work. You can schedule regular cleaning and maintenance with Premium Pool Care Inc at any frequency you chose. The procedure doesn’t take long and I will always leave you with good tips on how to best keep up the cleanliness of your water in between my visits.

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To book an appointment or learn more about my services, please contact me at (772) 359-5548. My goal is to be your number one choice for pool reliable salt pool cleaning service providers in Port Saint Lucie, FL.